Sunnyside Showroom & Service Expansion + Jeep Franchise

We are excited to confirm the expansion of Sunnyside is fully completed.  In 2017, we completed construction of the Sunnyside Expansion and Jeep Franchise Project.  The projected entailed:  1)  A new addition to our building for  Service Bays and our new Service Writers desk;  2)  An expansion of our showroom and a remodel to our current showroom.  3)  Remodel to offices, customer lounge, and restrooms.   4)  Complete remodel of the exterior fascia.  5)  New LED lighting inside and outside along with all new pavement on our lot.  6Obtaining the popular New Jeep franchise.

Please stop by Sunnyside and check out our new exterior and new car showroom.  We hope you are as excited as we are!  Check out the pictures below as you can see the start through finished product.

3/23/16 - Prep work for the new        3/23/16 - Digging the foundation
entry and Chrysler Arch.                     for the new service department


4/25/16 - Completion of the new entry way and Chrysler                            4/25/16 - The Front and Side Walls are complete on the new
Arch with Lights.                                                                                                  service expansion.  Just the back wall is left!  The new brick is                                                                                                                                                          now starting to be put up along Route 120.

4/25/16 - Inside the future new service center. Still needs a                    4/25/16 - Frame work is set for the new fascia that will hold the
roof!                                                                                                                "Sunnyside" "Chrysler" "Dodge" "Jeep" "Ram" illuminated signs.

5/5/16 - Digging the trench for the electric lines for our new light poles in the parking lot.

5/5/16 - Updating more of the fascia and the arch on the building, plus more work to the new addition.

5/5/16 - All the walls are completed on the new addition!.

5/17/16 - The top fascia surround is getting close to complete,    5/17/16 - On deck, the finishing treatments to our entry arch.
only needing a final touch and new brand signs.

5/17/16 - The previous exterior has the windows closed up       5/17/16 - White fascia backing will be covered up real soon.
and two new doors (one to service shop and one to our
new showroom.


5/27/16 - Today, we completed the replacement of the existing light poles and addition of light poles to new LED lighting.

5/31/16 - Closing out the last day of the month with the start of a brand new roof on the addition.

6/08/16 - The roof in the addition is completed, no more skylights!

6/14/16 - The new outside lights are look great and are very bright!

6/19/16 - Getting the flooring set and roof drainage system installed!

6/23/16 -  Almost completed with the new entry!  It's looking good!


7/2/16 - The new pavement is complete.  The entire south new car lot is paved and very nice.  The parking stripes are relocated to the west side of the driveway.

7/8/16 - The new entry Arch exterior is completed.  Soon there will be glass and doors!


8/6/16 - The new windows and doors are installed on the new service department and new showroom entrance.  The new service advisor area is all enclosed and drywalled.  The new heat and a/c duct work is being installed in the new addition and being carried over to the existing showroom.

9/14/16 - The new service addition is completed on the inside and outside.  Our mechanics have moved into our new service bays to work on our customers vehicles.

9/16/16 - With the old service mechanic area all cleaned out, today starts the remodel of the new car showroom.  Job #1 is to know down that wall into the existing showroom!

9/22/16 - The new exterior signage is starting to be put up.  Still have Chrysler, Dodge, and Mopar Service left.

9/24/16 - Exterior signage is complete, just one more window in the arch and the exterior will be complete!

9/26/16 - The new Jeep logo is installed on our brand sign, and the new signage has the electricity installed lights up at night.

10/14/16 - The new showroom addition is starting to take shape.

10/28/16 - The new addition to the showroom is coming along.  The exterior front fascia finally got it's last piece of glass and is complete.  The interior has the walls and ceiling completed, tile starts next week.

11/10/16- New tile installed in the new showroom addition along with a new welcome front desk..  Looks nice!!

11/22/16 - New showroom addition is complete.  Construction has transferred to the old showroom for remodel.  The construction crew is making fast time on tear down.  New a/c & heat duct work installed, new drywall installed, working on the new ceiling.  On deck will be the new tile and doors.

12/17/16 - The old showroom is just about completed, matching the new showroom with new tile, ceiling, and walls.  The bathroom remodel is completed.  Just a few finishing touches and new doors, and the upgrade will be completed.

01/16/17 - Our new car showroom is fully operational, and exterior looks great.  Very proud of the new Sunnyside!

New Customer Waiting Lounge for Service, along with a new Service Entrance and Service Writer desks with are in the front of the building.                     

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