Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram and Sunnyside appreciate the men and women who serve our country past and present.  Our Jeep Brand has a strong heritage and roots in our nations military.

Members of our military (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Gurad, & National Guard) qualify for a bonus $500 Rebate over and above all other rebates and special APR financing on new 2021 Jeep, Dodge, Ram, & Chrysler vehicles.

To qualify, you or your immediate family member living in the same household must be:
a) honorably discharged from the service within 1 year to date, or...
        Required Proof:  Copy of DD-214
b) active military or military reserve, or...
        Required Proof:  Copy of Paystub
c) discharged as 100% disabled, or...

        Required Proof:  Copy of VA Summary of Benefits Letter stating a Serivce-Connected Disability of 100%
d) retired with minimum 20 years of service

        Required Proof:  Copy of 1099-R or Retirement Account Statement

Copy of the Military ID Badge not acceptable for proof.  Address must be the same as the eligible Military member for immediate family member (spouse, son/daughter, brother/sister, parent, grand-parent).  Spouse of a deceased military members who qualify are eligible.  Excludes Gladiator Rubicon/Mojave, and Wrangler Rubicon.   Program ends 12/31/2021.